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Take control of your fertility health

Male fertility testing from the comfort of your own home

Your Fertility

Malebox allows you to send your sperm sample to our partner lab for analysis. You receive an easy to read report with personalised lifestyle advice to improve your fertility health.

Male fertility testing from the comfort of your own home. 

Comprehensive analysis of your sample by a UKAS accredited lab.

What is Male Fertility?

There are three main factors to consider when looking at sperm health

Sperm count (quantity)
The number of sperm cells
in an ejaculation
Sperm motility (swim strength)

An indication of how well
sperm are swimming
Sperm morphology (shape)
The proportion of your sperm
that are the right shape


Everything you need to know about male fertility. 

From the basics and ways to improve your fertility through to what to expect in a fertility journey. 

Join the community

A place to meet people in your situation.

Share experiences, learn from others and support each other in your fertility journeys.

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