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Male fertility testing from the comfort of your own home

What is Malebox?

Malebox allows you to send your sperm sample to our partner lab for analysis. You receive an easy to read report with personalised lifestyle advice to improve your fertility health.

Order Malebox online and receive through your mail box the next day. User produces a sample in the comfort of his own home. The Malebox kit contains all hardware to collect and post the sample to our partner lab.
Anonymised sample analysed by embryologist and report uploaded to the Malebox portal.
Results within 48 hours - along with lifestyle advice, interventions to improve/ maintain fertility.

What is male fertility?

There are three things to consider when looking at sperm health
Sperm count (quantity)
The number of sperm cells
in an ejaculation
Sperm motility (swim strength)
An indication of how well
sperm are swimming
Sperm morphology (shape)
The proportion of your sperm
that are the right shape

Improving male fertility

Looking after your mental health and reducing stress improves your sperm quality.



An intake of a healthy, balanced diet has been shown to improve male fertility rates.

Moderate continuous exercise has been shown to improve sperm health.



A reduction in alcohol intake can have a fast and drastic improvement in sperm quality.


Quitting smoking has been proven to increase the chances of successful conception


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