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Fact or fiction? Does cycling affect male fertility?

Cycling may not be for everyone but for those passionate about it could it be another factor contributing to the rise in male infertility?

There have been various scary headlines over the years about cycling damaging fertility, however, the largest study undertaken to look at this connection in 2014 found no link. This study looked at 5,282 recreational male cyclists and found there was no association between male infertility and the time they spent cycling every week.

In fact the results showed that men who cycled more at a recreational level had a decreased risk of infertility. This is because doing moderate exercise can boost a man's sperm count as well as regulating hormones helping to increase fertility. Other studies have been done that look into the benefits of exercise showing sperm count to increase drastically when starting an exercise program.

It’s worth noting that excessive cycling may damage fertility due to increasing the testicle temperature and also applying pressure to that region. By excessive cycling we’re talking around 300km a week though so most of you don’t need to worry. You can buy specific seats made to help shift your weight onto your bum and allow the testicles to breathe more through increased air flow. This could be a useful investment for serious cyclists looking to have a child.

If you enjoy cycling carry on! It provides many health benefits and may even help to boost your fertility. Only in extreme cases (300km per week) has it been shown to affect fertility.


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